In South Africa we have CPA (Consumer Protection Act) which entitles the buyer of a product to return a product at no cost to themselves withing 6 months if the product malfunctions or is defective in some way. Outside the 6 months there really is no protection other than the warranty and the terms and conditions/returns policy of the company that sold the product.

So my question is with this specific wording on their terms and conditions, "As stated above we provide Return to base warranty which means, Customers are liable for the shipping charges for returning of faulty goods. Shipping charges will not be refunded." Can they charge you for shipping both ways? Plus insurance which they force on you.

My understanding is that the word "returning" in this context can only refer to a single shipping direction. Not both from the costumer to the supplier and then again from the supplier to the customer. Seeing as the definition for return or returning is "come OR go back to a place or person." That OR being quite important.

On a separate note, is it legal to take a payment for return shipping back to the customer in the event that the product could not be repaired or replaced, and instead is refunded. They are then taking a payment for shipping in one direction that they are no longer going to provide. Essentially taking payment for a service that will not be rendered and then is not refunded. I find that somewhat illegal.

This is South Africa focused, but I would assume it roughly covers the rest of the world minus the CPA.

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