Simple question, will my sponsor having employment history with a medical marijuana dispensary cause her application to be rejected?

Follow-up: Will the sponsor be required to take a medical examination or just me?

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Only the beneficiary (you) needs to do the medical exam.

Regarding sponsorship - that is a very complicated question. I can't say whether the application would be rejected, but I can say that you will very likely be questioned regarding your connection to the business and whether you've done anything that could be considered trafficking under INA 212(a)(2)(C)

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  • The more direct way of saying it is possibly yes as it is admitting to a violation of a federal criminal law, even though that law wasn't enforced and wasn't prosecuted. – ohwilleke Jan 20 at 18:23
  • more or less. As far as the applicant/beneficiary goes, he or she would need to admit to all elements of the crime in question in order for it to be legally sufficient to justify a denial (see Matter of K) – elDud3r1n0 Jan 22 at 2:54

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