Under What Circumstances Indonesians can be Punished for Heterosexual Lewd Act to a Girl 15-18?

In that question, there is a law in Indonesia.

The law says


It basically says

Setiap Orang dilarang melakukan Kekerasan atau ancaman Kekerasan, memaksa, melakukan tipu muslihat, melakukan serangkaian kebohongan, atau membujuk Anak untuk melakukan atau membiarkan dilakukan perbuatan cabul.

Everyone is prohibited from doing violent, or threat violent, or forcing, or tricking, or using lies, or persuading to do or letting lewd act done.

Notice the law does not explicitly prohibiting lewd acts with girl under 18. It prohibits activity around it.

By that law, anyone over 18 that say, kisses or hugs a girl under 18 will have a minimum of 5 years sentence.

The law is strange. It doesn't outright prohibit any lewd act to an under 18 years old girl. It prohibits "persuading" any lewd act.

In here, https://www.kompasiana.com/rochxy/552fe1b06ea834805a8b4589/suka-sama-suka-alasan-umum-pelaku-persetubuhan-terhadap-anak

A judge says that "consent" doesn't matter if the girl is under 18. If that's the case, why not just say so in the law, "Don't do lewd acts with under 18 girl"?

Yet, I have never heard any actual court case where the law is used that way.

In most cases I read, if I search for "lewd child" in Indonesia, the suspect did far more. Those are things like rape or homosexuality or stuff.

Maybe I am wrong. Are there any court cases?

I searched in google. I couldn't find any sample cases of any guy getting convicted for doing lewd act of even having sex with a 17 years old girl.

The court cases I found always talk about a girl under 15 or rape or stuff.


Wikipedia has conflicting statements on the age of consent in Indonesia.

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