I am planning to buy a property in a community and the survey shows that there is a utility easement in that property that spans 10 feet from the road. How do I know what kind of utility easement this is and who owns it?

What are the kinds of easements that can affect future selling of this property in like 10 years ?

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    The obvious people to ask are the realtor and the surveyor; they are legally required to give you accurate information. – BlueDogRanch Nov 1 '19 at 13:53
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It depends slightly where the easement is; the right to dig up 10 feet of your front garden to get at the cables is not as serious as the right to excavate your basement. But I would think it unlikely that this will have a serious effect on value: if one of your services goes wrong, do you really want the right to deny the repairmen access?

If you are really concerned, the obvious thing to do is to ask the agent for details of the easement or ask the seller for an indemnity in case of problems (or both).

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    Counterpoint: long distance pipelines are also utility easements. "The Mariner East 2, the first of the two new pipelines, is nearing completion, though the project has been interrupted and pushed back several times because of regulatory and legal challenges. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in 2014 affirmed the project as a public utility, allowing it to obtain easements by eminent domain.". inquirer.com/philly/business/energy/… – user662852 Nov 1 '19 at 14:34

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