Recently, US president Donald Trump said that the US was ending its involvement in the local internecine fighting in Syria, and staying there - military - to "keep the oil".

Regardless of the blatant illegality of this in any international context (and the likely illegality of much of the US' earlier involvement) - is it not now the case that President Trump is violating the War Powers Act of 1973? This is not entirely obvious, since he is not starting military action, he's deciding on a residual, supposedly secondary, action; and perhaps for other reasons.

And - assuming it is a violation of the war powers act, can US citizens (or some oppositionary officials) petition some federal court to order the president to cease such action?


  • I realize that, politically, it is unlikely that a US court will make such a decision; this is more of an "in principle" question.
  • Let's ignore the US military presence in A-Tanf (Southern Syria) for now, I'm focusing on the parts of Eastern Syria where the oil fields are.

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