My local library doesn't subscribe to PhilPapers. Anyone here have it pls? No library near me has this German book.

Robert Schütze. European Union Law 2 ed 2018. p. 211. All emboldenings are mine. Pls see the tag line beside the red arrow

In the beautifully paradoxical words of G. Radbruch: ‘The interpretation is the result of its result.’ See G. Radbruch, Einführung in die Rechtswissenschaft (Meyer, 1925), 129.

  1. What does "its" refer to it here?

  2. I don't speak German like the author. Can someone explain these "beautifully paradoxical words like I'm 5?

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  • There are several copies on www.abebooks.com. I think the cheapest is about $25 (including shipping from Germany to USA). – mkennedy Nov 20 '19 at 20:24

Can someone explain these "beautifully paradoxical words like I'm 5?

Aside from [not] having access to the text by Radbruch, the reasonable conjecture is that the quote of Radbruch paraphrases what Schütze says in the main text: namely, that a judge's choice of "interpretative method" (historical, literal, systematic, or teleological) somewhat determines or helps to predict how he will decide a case.

What does "its" refer to it here?

The emboldened "its" likely refers to the judge's interpretative method, although that is inconsequential since Schütze premises that quote with words that convey similarity with the expression "[a] judicial preference for an interpretative method will thus prejudge the result of the interpretation".

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