I'm working on an app that could be described as a bookmarking service, where a user can add a URL and build topical lists of interests.

For some specific websites that a user could be interested in bookmarking, I'd like to display rich information from the page (more than just the page title, some random image and the first bit of text). Let's imagine it's a page from a business, I'd like to display the trading hours and the address. If it's a page from a blog, I'd like to surface the author, the avatar of the author etc.

Basically, imagine it as the "card" that most messaging apps show when you share a link in a conversation, they usually show a rich summary, not just the plain url.

To be clear: I don't intend to extract this information in an automated way in advance (I don't plan to index the whole web 😅), but it would be done at the moment the user adds the bookmark to their list: reading the page and extract some useful information.

Important: I don't know if it helps my case, but I don't intend to pass the content as mine: since it's a bookmarking service I assume it would be pretty obvious to the user, but anyway each "rich bookmark" would be clearly attributed to the source website (favicon, name of website, etc.).

Question: Is it okay to analyse and extract rich data from a URL that a user submits? What are the limitations? Does it hinges on the "Terms of Use" for each website? What others aspect should I look into?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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