I intend to take Norwegian airlines to court to claim for unpaid compensation. This is NOT a question about whether I am entitled or not, I need to know to whom I should address the small claim. The airline I bought tickets from and therefore was responsible for carrying me was Norwegian. The airline I claimed compensation from was Norwegian and the airline that declined my compensation claim was Norwegian. The case has since been arbitrated upon and I am still not satisfied with the result. Now I intend to continue to a small claims court.

I have asked Norwegian and the CAA for the address, and neither have helped me.

To make the claim the person I'm claiming from needs to have an address in the UK - I have found this https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09360346 but unsure if this is the actual person I'm making the claim against?



The company you found is Norwegian Air UK Limited. Some of its officers have names that look as if they could be Norwegian. It could be a completely unrelated company, but that is not very likely. It is most likely a subsidiary of the Norwegian company you are after.

It is very likely that you have no contract with the UK subsidiary of a Norwegian company, and therefore no way to take them to court.

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