I live in Virginia and I recently took a urine drug test my psychiatrist wanted because he was prescribing Valium. Came back that I had a different Benzodiazepine in my system that I have never been prescribed or ever taken. I do not use any illegal drugs or anything not prescribed to me. I searched for possible false positives in other medications that I'm taking but didn't find any. He said I will have to take a second random drug test in the near future. Can I refuse the second test? What's the consequences of saying NO?

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Presumably you won't get Valium. This is all part of your medical treatment, so its covered by medical confidentiality.

  • I was told one more failed drug test and no other doctor would prescribe any controlled drugs cause this info is shared through the drug monitoring program.
    – BigBub82
    Dec 22, 2019 at 15:37

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