I was wondering if there was any legal requirement for landlords in Ohio to provide some minimum number of days between date of billing and required due date of payment.

This question arose because I have become aware of a multi-unit apartment complex that reports tenant's water bills online on the first of the month but requires tenants to pay their bill that same day. In other words, the property management company gives tenants 0 days between date of billing and expected due date.

Is this legal? Or does the state require some minimum number of days between billing and the day payment is required?


I have examined (non-exhaustively) the Ohio admin codes and Ohio's Consumer's Council (and see here) for an answer, but thus far I've only found provisions about eviction notices and failure of landlord to make utility payments. This site and this site also did not answer my question.


I did find a code for electric utility companies (4901:1-10-22-B.10) that states:

(B) Each bill shall state at least the following information:...

...(10) The due date for payment. The due date for residential bills shall not be less than fourteen days from the date of postmark. For residential bills being issued from outside the state of Ohio the due date shall not be less than twenty-one days.

However, I cannot find anything similar regarding rules pertaining to a leasing agency that manages submetered water billing for tenants as described above.

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