Alpine County, CA makes a Parcel Map available for a certain fee. Many other counties make this data available for free but Alpine County charges some $1.3k to acquire it. This part is fine, and I imagine that if I FOIA'd (or CPR'd) the data it would still come out to be that sum of money. I don't mind paying this, except that I'd want to be able to redistribute this public information.

However, the compulsory license agreement they require from me to get it restricts such use. Is it legal for them to restrict access even if I FOIA/CPR'd this data from them? I'd prefer to just buy it from them normally but if I have to pay that amount to FOIA it, I can do so too. The key is I want to be able to give it out for free like the other counties do.

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It seems that a California court (County of Santa Clara v. First Amendment Coalition) has ruled that the California Public Records Act does not grant a basis to copyright works by the State of California. Thus assuming the work cannot be copyrighted under other statutes, requesting this information in this way will provide you access to a work in the public domain.

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