I had a default judgement handed down. We waited the 5 days, went down to courthouse to get my writ of eviction, writ of possession, so I could give those to the sheriff and the tenant had got a judge to grant her a set aside judgement, on her motion to set aside was claiming I wasn't the owner, which I am.

So I filed a motion for reconsideration and reinstatement of previous default judgement upon me presenting documentation of ownership to judge or clerk and the judge denied my motion with no reason or explanation given? This boggles my mind and I wonder what my next step is to take possession of my property, it will be my children and my primary residence.

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    Prior to filing the motion for reconsideration, did you timely oppose the tenant's motion [to set aside judgment] and disprove her allegation? what did the tenant argue in regard to "excusable neglect" or "good cause"? was the tenant represented by some lawyer? Many judges are inept and/or blatantly corrupt, but you might want to add details so that someone knowledgeable in that area of law can make sense of the parties' legal position and of whether or not the judge's ruling was proper this time. Also specify your jurisdiction. – Iñaki Viggers Jan 15 at 15:13

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