I've always been curious how this works. Say there's Company A and Website B.

Website B does things that are in the grey area of law. Company A tries to operate fully legitimately as an actual business entity.

It turns out that Website B's users match the demographic of Company A's target audience, so A wants to advertise to B's users, which involves payment to B. By paying B, A becomes an "affiliate" (whatever that means) of B and has advertisements for its services posted on B's website.

Does this open up A to some kind of liability?

I ask because I've seen these types of things sometimes have sponsors, and I wonder if it doesn't open up the sponsor company to risk:

  • private game servers
  • fan translation sites
  • torrent aggregators
  • game currency selling sites

Are the companies that advertise them all super sketchy in terms of legal practice? Or is it actually safe for them to advertise since they're just playing the role of an advertiser?

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