This is about Sri Lanka and business. A GYM sport business place(PowerWorld). Is it possible to advertise discriminant charges based on the gender. For females it's around : 7000/- LKR and for males it's around ,12,000/- please correct me if I'm wrong, but definitely there is a price gap.

Is it oky to make advertisements like that under SL democracy or is it going under discrimination against sexism. If it's acceptable what are the legal conditions.

  • Consider that a 100kg man will put more wear and tear on the equipment than a 50kg woman. There may be other reasons why female customers are cheaper than males. For example, males may spend more time at the gym on average than women. Now if my son joined the gym and the parents paid, asking me to pay more than my wife might very well be illegal. – gnasher729 Feb 1 at 18:44
  • Yes that is their argument. But there are men who are less weight than women. I myself is 55Kg. And also , I can see there are women who utilize the gym everyday as me. Don't need to say lies , I was utilizing it everyday. In that case they have to analyze their past usage patterns and then name a price. And there are women who are weightier than me. Any legal actions or procedure to make it happen. Just take the median weight of males and compare it with median weight of women won't work there. Still comes under discrimination right which is not reasonable. Any way to take legal lawsuit ? – sandun dhammika Feb 3 at 4:41

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