What happens if you go to another country break the law there, but it's not illegal in the country you live in? Example: Person A goes to vacation to country 2. Person A is from country 1, where you can use sneakers whenever you want. In country 2 one is allowed to use sneakers on Saturdays 8am-3pm. Then person A uses sneakers in country 2 on a sunday and gets caught. The punishment of using sneakers outside the law timelimit would be 90 days. What would happen?


When you are in another country, you are subject to their laws - you may be arrested and go through the due process as defined by that countries laws.

This potentially means anything from a fine, to incarceration or deportation or even execution, depending on the local countries laws.

A good example is the caning of American citizen Michael Fay in 1994 by the Singapore authorities, as a judicial punishment for vandalism, or the case of Swiss citizen Oliver Fricker, who was also caned in 2010 for vandalism.

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