Provided that no text or diagrams are directly used, is creating commercial study materials considered against fair use / illegal? Given the amount of study guides available for various trademarked exams, it seems that this is considered fair use so long as there is not any material directly used.

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    Are you sure you wonder about violating the trademark of the exam? It seems to me like violating the copyright would be the bigger concern. Although trademark law might also be a problem. When a company trademarked SuperHardExam®, then advertising a product named "SuperHardExam Study Guide" might give them grounds to sue for trademark violation. – Philipp Feb 5 at 14:08
  • Good question. Suppose that "SuperHardExam Study Guide" did not actually use any text or figures from any material provided from the vendor of SuperHardExam . In other words, SuperHardExam was not for a specific product (for example, a software product, a specific make/model of a physical product, etc) but perhaps a professional designation (Accounting, Project Management, etc). Does any reference to SuperHardExam violate fair use in this case? – InquiringLaws Feb 6 at 23:14

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