We have a retail space at first floor of an apartment complex building. There're 4 parking spaces in the building that assigned to us for employee parking only.(The parking lot it separated with building resident parking lot, it's only for retail or management employee parking) We paid for these parking spaces including the so-called management fees. And there're 4 signs saying reserved parking and one big sign saying tow away zone in red, all placed by landlord management team legally.

However, there always are 2 to 3 cars parking on our spot everyday. We contacted our landlord manager about it once, but those random cars still appear. Yesterday, there were 3, not even enough for us to park, so we called the tow company according to the red sign on the wall. But security didn't allow the tow company to tow these cars on our spot. They said "you have to tell management first, and we will warn them", which sounds ridiculous to us. And after that, LL's property manager sent over a regulation agreement, which includes “At no reason, should you call a towing company without speaking with an owner representative first.” Additionally, they mentioned, if we took over 4 parking space in the parking lot, our car(s) are subject to towing and or charges on our account.

Very pissed tho, just want to know how all of this looks like in terms of laws. Does tenant have the right to call tow company? Does the agreement legit to putting these requirements and policy in.

  • The general rule at common law is yes, but state and local practice varies and the terms of the lease may also be relevant. – ohwilleke Feb 6 at 22:50

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