I understand that deeds, which are used to transfer real estate, are not governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC signature requirements allow a wide range of methods for executing a signature. I have not been able to find the corresponding requirements for signing a deed.

I am interested in issues such as

  1. May a nickname be used if the grantor acquired title under a formal name?
  2. May a middle name be omitted if it was used when the grantor acquired title?
  3. If the grantor is pressured to sign her name differently than usual, say, "Margaret Doe" instead of "Meg Doe", and has to print in block letters because she doesn't know how to write "Margaret Doe" in cursive, and a cursive "Meg Doe" appears on the ID card presented to the notary, is that a problem?

My perspective is a notary who sometimes has signers ask about these issues. Since I am not a lawyer, I won't be able to explain these issues to signers, but I would like to know for my own satisfaction.

My hypothesis is any mark the signer makes with the intent to execute the deed is sufficient.

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