My car was towed from a shopping center in Santa Clara county. I had parked at the said location around 8pm. I got my car released from the towing company after paying $450. The release document says that my car was first noticed at the shopping center at 7.30pm and picked up at 8.43pm. However, I can prove that my car wasn't there at 7.30pm and the towing company is lying. 1) I was at a restaurant 4 miles away at 7.30pm, and my receipt shows the time as 7.25pm. 2) My google location history shows that I was at the restaurant from 7.25pm - 7.50pm, and started driving from the restaurant to the shopping center at 7.50pm.

What recourse do I have? Can I get my money back?


No, you can’t

You have evidence about where you were; you have no evidence about where your car was.

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