According to Epic's EULA for Publishers, they want 5% of any gross revenue you might make out of using software built with their engine, including in-app purchases and advertising, before tax deduction.

However, if the actual game (built with Unreal Engine) is free-to-play, does not contain anything related to in-app purchases, but all game-altering purchases are instead done on game's website, so they are not technically "in-app" anymore.

Would be any revenue obtained this way still subject to 5% fee from Epic?


It seems relatively clear that you owe them 5%...

  1. Royalty

You agree to pay Epic a royalty equal to 5% of all worldwide gross revenue actually attributable to each Product, regardless of whether that revenue is received by you or any other person or legal entity, as follows:

a. Gross revenue resulting from any and all sales of a Product to end users through any and all media, including but not limited to digital and retail;
b. Gross revenue resulting from any and all in-app purchases, downloadable content, microtransactions, subscriptions, sale, transfer, or exchange of content created by end users for use with a Product, or redemption of virtual currency, either within a Product or made externally but which directly affect the operation of the Product;

The first line of the agreement seems egregious though, lets say you make a moddable game that you release for free. Somebody makes a mod and charges $100 for the mod and they get the revenue. It seems like this is saying that you, the developer, owe $5 for each sale of that mod. I don't see that as enforceable.

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