I have recently found myself in a custody case where the other parent has lied and over exaggerated unfortunate events in our (mine & my girls life’s) to gain temporary custody. Some statements have a truth behind the event however it was blown so far out of proportion it’s not even a true representation of the situation. Everything has been misrepresented. would exploited define it?

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What do you call it when your life has been lied about and events over exaggerated

The legal terms for that include hyperbole, defamation, misrepresentation, and fraudulent representation. The last one is likelier if the purpose of the falsehoods was to abuse the law and obtain something to your detriment, such as the temporary custody.

Most important: If lawyers got already involved in your dispute, it is very likely that the kids' mother and you will remain stuck in family court all the time it takes for lawyers to deplete your savings. In the process, she and you will endure all kinds of lawyer-fueled vexations, not just the one you described. Hopefully your ex-couple and you can reach an agreement, and get rid of your respective "counsels".

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