I have rented a studio in the UK a while and the neighbour above is a bit noisy even after 23.00. Usually the noise lasts until 1.00 or even 2.00 in the morning. I then realised that it is not entirely his fault as the sound insulation in the house is really bad. If you walk, that creates a massive vibration in the flat below. It feels like someone uses a woofer. The guy though walks a bit rougher and for a reason he keeps on walking and doing stuff all day.

a) I have informed the landlord and he asked the neighbour to be quieter and walk slower. b) I have informed the neighbour and he asked him to be quieter and walk slower.

At the moment, the sounds are less. It doesn't feel like living in an entrance in an underground Berlin club. But still, there is noise and considering that I am epileptic, I need to take action as I cannot sleep at 2.00 when I wake up at 8.00. I definitely need to be asleep by midnight.

What are my rights in this case? Can I prove somehow that the house insulation is bad? I am paying a big amount for the rent and I am guessing there are rights based on the insulation (that doesn't exist at all). Note that there is a house being renovated 3 blocks away and every morning I hear the vibrations from the hammering works!

  • I guess this is a studio flat (rather than a recording or artist's studio). There's a reasonable expectation that your neighbour's tenancy agreement will be substantially the same as yours: what's in yours regarding noise? – Andrew Leach Mar 5 '20 at 13:16

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