A friend of mine recently got scammed by someone in another country. I encouraged him to file a police report, but he hasn't done so, because "what's the point". Although that decision is up to him, I realized that if I were the victim, I wouldn't actually know which country to file the report in, hence this question.

Some details if it matters:

  • The scam is of the Nigerian prince type - fooling someone over the internet into transferring money.
  • However, the identity of the scammer (including both name & appearance, plus some other details about their life) is known. I'm pretty confident the details are accurate.
  • The scammer is physically in the Philippines, although it's possible they hold Japanese citizenship.

In this scenario, if my friend were to file a police report, would it be in his country or the scammer's country? If the latter, does it matter where in the country the report is filed?

I tagged the question with "Philippines", but I'm also curious if anything general can be said about this.

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