I'm working on a series of books that I plan on publishing only as epubs (e.g. Kindle). Just as books are marketed as "Penguin" or "Alfred Knopf," I'd like to get a trademark that I can list on my books.

I've learned that can't get a trademark for a single title. You have to have a series of titles to qualify.

However, it isn't clear to me what is meant by "series." Do they mean well define series, like "My Horse Book," "My Horse Book II," etc.? Or does series in this case simply refer to multiple books?

I'm already working on half a dozen books focusing on a variety of topics, including state symbols, political science and philosophy.


First, what you describe as book “marketing” names are actually the names of the publisher of those books.

Second, a “series” of books is a group of books united by a common theme: the Harry Potter series, the Sherlock Holmes series, the Middle Earth series, the Jack Ryan series etc.

  • Hmmmm...so it sounds like I can't trademark books unless I have a well defined series. All I can do is stamp them with my company name? Mar 19 '20 at 22:42

Penguin and Alfred Knopf are names of publishers or brands within a publisher. Trademarks indicate the source of a good or service. It is a brand. Your brand does not need to be well established when you first start using it. Rather than think in terms of a serise of books, you could make the name of the "publisher" something distinctive. To test if something you are planning is used like a trademark, mentally add the word "brand" after it in the type of sentance you might use it in. "I bought a box of Kleenex brand tissues".

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