I was caught out of state with marijuana, arrested, booked, and bailed out. This happened on February 8. The arresting officer and guy at the desk told me to call the judge ASAP and talk to them to see if I’d be able to pay the fine instead of show up to court since it happened so far away from my home, my court date was scheduled for April 8. I called the courts office two days after and spoke to a clerksman, I told him I needed to speak to the judge to see about paying the fine instead of court and he said he would look up my case and tell me. He proceeded to do so and then told me that my charges are automatic court show ups. We hung up and within a couple minutes he called back and said it was dismissed, I asked “so that means I don’t have to pay or show up to court?” He said “no you do not” I was fairly confused because it seemed too good to be true and I’ve never been in any trouble so I didn’t know how these things work. I hadn’t gotten in contact with a lawyer yet because I didn’t think I needed to, I only had spoken to my bondsman. So after the call with the clerksman I called my bondsman and asked him what that meant and he was very put back about me being told it was dismissed. So he said he would call some places to see what was going on, it took them over a day to get back to him and he then confirmed that yes it had been dismissed, so I asked him why and he said “I don’t know the officer said happy late Christmas or something” I couldn’t find any of my records online or anything so I assumed I was okay but still had a bad feeling about it. And here on March 27 I received a letter in the mail from the police department for a notice of my new court date. What does this mean for me? What happened?

  • Possibly there is a confusion between a motion to dismiss and the court actually dismissing the case. Formally speaking the court probably needs to formally recognize the dismissal, and your presence (or at least your legal representative's) is needed for that. But as indicated, the actual state this court is in would help as the exact procedures depend on locality. – zibadawa timmy Mar 29 at 20:26

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