Windows 10 (pro, enterprise, any) that supposedly have never been activated so far are (re) sold online for 5$-20$. I assume that those are key that have initially been given out by microsoft in volumes or in countries with lower pricing (as the price is around 200$ when bought directly from microsoft).

Is it legal to resell Windows license keys? Are there any kinds of Windows 10 pro/enterprise keys for which it is forbidden to resell them?

  • Key generators are common for most software out there, and Windows is no exception - the key is NOT an indication of a valid license, its only indication of a valid key. Microsoft requires a valid license and a valid key, only having the latter of the two does not make you legal. People selling keys for cheap are 99.999% of the time not selling you a legal license.
    – Moo
    Apr 5 '20 at 3:25

If someone offers to sell you a designer handbag for $25 you can pretty much bet that you are dealing with the gray market or the black market. Same for bargain software keys. Computer manufacturers make deals with Microsoft allowing them to distribute copies of Microsoft software as a bundle with the computers they sell. They aren't allowed to resell the software without the computer. Sometimes employees or outsiders get access to the activation keys allocated to the company, and then re-sell them on warez sites. Microsoft also makes licenses available to vendors at cheaper rates in some countries, but the contract with Microsoft will forbid the resale in countries not covered by the agreement.

Laws for software licensing, copyright, and intellectual property differ widely from country to country. In the US this would almost certainly be a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and subject to criminal prosecution.

In most countries it would at least be a violation of the licensing terms and addressable by a civil suit by Microsoft.

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