If I needed to move an elephant from Warrington to Peterborough, would I be able to ride it there?

I know it is illegal to ride an elephant on the motorway, so it would be using A and B roads only. Is riding an elephant the same as riding a horse in the eyes of the law?

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    I would love to know the background to this. Also, I feel that this is a question for the local authorities, not for random people on the internet. – Steve Melnikoff Apr 7 at 7:46
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    An elephant walks at about 4.5mph. Warrington to Peterborough is about 135 miles. That's about 30 hours of travel, plus breaks for rest / food / water. Purely from a matter of animal welfare, I would strongly suggest hiring a truck. – Chronocidal Apr 7 at 8:46
  • Does the "H" in your name stand for Hannibal? – chasly - supports Monica Oct 21 at 10:23

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