Scenario: A U.S. citizen living in the state of Maryland purchases, dealer financed, a car from a dealership. The sales agreement is set up and payments are to be made via an online dealer login portal. The following month the buyer logs into the portal in order to make a payment. While making the payment onto the car the buyer notices an additional fee that has been added. The buyer calls the dealer to enquire about the additional fee. According to the dealer a GPS Tracking Fee was added in order to cover the cost of a GPS tracking device that was placed into the car in order to locate it in the case of buyer-theft. The buyer asks the dealer why at the time of sale she was not informed that such a device would be placed onto the car or further that such a device would incur a fee charged monthly additionally to the car payment. The dealer claims it is "pretty normal."


  1. Are there any laws that prohibit a dealer from placing such a device into a vehicle? And if not ..
  2. ...would the dealer be required by law to inform the buyer at the time of sale that a GPS tracking device will be placed into the car.

  3. What proof, if any, can the buyer demand as evidence that such a device is actually in the car. In other words how can she make sure the device is actually in the car and the payments are justified.

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    This was probably disclosed in some paperwork that was signed. It is pretty common for those high risk pay-at-the-dealer places because repossession is fairly frequent. – Ron Beyer Apr 17 '20 at 0:15

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