I have an independent work agreement with a client and there is some ambiguity with the definition of the word "week" which is being used to describe a fixed quota that should be achieved per week.

There is no explicit definition of "week" in the agreement, so I want to know what a "week" implicitly implies, is it equal to a time period of 7 days? Or is it a work week with only 5 days? My client thinks it is the latter but I think it is the former.

Also, does a week cover a partial calendar week which can occur at the start and end of a month? How many days is a "week" in that case?

P.S The jurisdiction is Israel but I would not mind getting a general answer.


If your contract does not define “week” it takes its normal meaning

The normal meaning of week is a period of 7 consecutive days. Depending on context this may be ‘free-floating’ or start on a particular day; usually Sunday in English speaking countries YMMD.

  • Thank you for the answer, it makes sense. – Younced1975 Apr 20 '20 at 5:58

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