The guy behind YTS must be thanking his lucky stars.

On 21 October, 2015 MPAA team shut down YTS site.

Mega Upload owner was jailed for decades, even after he is running legal site, But YTS is not a legal site, but here torrentfreak site claims that he (referring to YTS owner) saved his own skin.

So why one get jailed & another doesn't?

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The probable answer is right there in the article: the Kim Dotcom case has been a PR coup but a legal disaster. Mr Dotcom has not, at this time, been jailed and it may have become apparent to US and NZ law enforcement agencies that he probably never will be!

It is really, really easy to accuse someone of committing a crime; it can be really, really hard to prove it beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law.

So after initiating a case that has turned out to be a total disaster, why would you expect them to do the same thing a second time?

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