There is a software that called Mautic, i devloped an App/plugin that extends it's features and named it Mautify... Today i received an email from that software company telling me that my use to the name Mautify is a trademark infringement and sending me a link to there policy thich says..

Although Mautic is an Open Source solution, this does not mean that the Mautic trademark can be used in a branding capacity. Please note, the Mautic name, logo and trademark may not be used in any of the following circumstances;

  • In a company name, in part or in total (i.e., Mautibiz and Mauticorp are not permitted).
  • In any domain name or sub-domain name, regardless of domain extension.
  • In any social media alias, handle or name.
  • In the naming or branding of any company, product, service or solution.

So do you think that it's really a trademark infringement or i can safely ignore there warning?


This is trademark infringement

You infringe trademark when you use it in a way that could cause confusion that your goods and services are the goods and services of the trademark owner. You are clearly doing this.

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