We are a small business in Indonesia and being the victim of falsified Copyright Infringement by big corporations. They intend to propose this case to the US court.

They have claimed that I have using their asset which is one of the icons (fa fa-book) from the Fontawesome icon list. As I know FontAwesome gives CC license to each of their icons.

Yes, we would never win this case since we don't have any budget for the lawyer and still in the starting position in this business. Seem like we never have any chance to defend our position on the front of the court.

Let say we are losing what could happen on our site? Would this company take over all my site? Does it mean that I cannot operate all over country?

Note that: The based claim that for the online page that they are currently using is actually using the same font awesome icon.

We are so appreciated if you could give any suggestion about this

Thank you for any suggestions.

  • This sounds like a scam, they threaten lawsuit with very convincing looking paperwork, then offer an out of court settlement. Make very sure the people presenting this claim are legitimate. They target small upstarts because they know they can't afford a fight so they are quick to settle. – Ron Beyer May 23 at 3:26
  • This email from the legitimate source and valid from their company. – navotera May 23 at 4:02
  • Can you please provide the link to the specific icon on FontAwesome website? Is it FontAwesome Free or Pro icon? – JustAMartin May 23 at 17:48
  • Here it is : fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icon/book – navotera May 31 at 1:46

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