There is a bar across the alley from my home. Even when everything was closed for COVID-19 people would sit on the back deck and make a lot of noise until 4am. I've also noticed lots of trucks coming and going late at night and suspect there is some sort of side business or illegal suite. This is question is more specific than my other related Ongoing noise issues from business beside home

Am I allowed to point a web camera at them to record their activity as evidence? I would like to have it running all the time and set to record on motion. I can see them through my window. I've already reported the problem to the city but the problem continues.

  • British Columbia, no idea. In America it's not illegal to take someone's picture where they have no reasonable expectation of privacy. 'What options do you have?' angering your local police with repeated noise complaints, distracting them from their actual jobs, from you and your neighbors, whom presumably have learned to live with what comes from living next to a bar and have not complained, otherwise the city would be doing something about it. – Mazura May 23 '20 at 21:57
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    I don't think the trucks are evidence of crime. Bars and restaurants need lots of deliveries, and they usually come at off-hours, to not inconvenience or be inconvenienced by customers. – Ryan_L May 24 '20 at 4:58