I purchased a ready-to-ship used printer in February 2020, the payment was acknowledged but the company has failed to ship. The printer was to be shipped immediately but its been over three months, no official receipt of payment, no bill of laden but empty promises every other day. I demanded refund but was told its not possible because the printer has passed customs already. I demanded for proof of any kind that my order is being processed but got none. I demanded to be cc'd in emails of the shipping process but got nothing. The seller has told series of lies and has proven to be unreliable over a 3month period. All correspondences are in email and WhatsApp.

The seller is in Germany and has internet presence with functional phone numbers.

Please advise on how I could proceed to recover money paid or get the equipment from this seller?

  • Did you pay with a credit or bank card? You may be able to charge back. – Nate Eldredge May 24 '20 at 21:25

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