In India when you change the state you are required to get an No Objection Certificate(NOC) from Regional Transportation Office (RTO) and submit that to the state's RTO where you are moving to, to apply for new license number for the vehicle. Such as if you are in Gujarat you get the GJ license place and if you move to Delhi you get DL license plate. Once you are applied for NOC there is a period of 6+ months before you receive the refund from the state which you have just left for the road tax paid when you initially purchased the vehicle in that state.

My problem is 2 fold:

  1. Once i have left the state, is it possible for me to get the NOC from a different state? Since i was in a small town in Gujarat where I had purchased my vehicle thus going to the police station there to get NOC is very difficult if not impossible since it requires me to take leave my work for a couple of days and travel just to get an NOC then submitting it at their local RTO office to apply for refund on the road tax which they do not mail it to an address that is out of state(I think it has to be mailed to the address which is on the driver's license on that state). I understand it can take up to 6+ months to get a refund if there are no problem along the way with the submitted paperwork.
  2. Second problem is if i apply for NOC that process does take time although i am not clear how much. Thus during that time i am told the license plate on the vehicle is not valid on either the state which I have left and the state where i am living since i have not paid for the road tax there and have applied for a refund from the state where i have left. Thus even if i get the NOC on the very day which i am doubtful i still have to apply for a new license number in the new state where i have moved.

Is there a way i can do it without having to travel back to Gujarat? I am currently in Delhi.

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