On the site Reddit anyone can create a "subreddit" to which people can make posts and comments, with the creator of the subreddit being able to moderate posts and comments. Does CDA 230 even apply to the moderation of subreddits? By that, I mean that absent CDA 230, would common law have considered the owner of a subreddit to be a publisher of the subreddit's posts and comments if the owner engaged in any moderation?

  • Any answer is going to be speculation; the CDA 203 predates Reddit; Reddit's TOS is clear on what mods do; and no moderator has as much control or ownership as the owners/publishers. And: why would CDA 230 not apply to subreddits? That issue would have been already be decided by a court, seeing how active Reddit is. – BlueDogRanch Jun 1 '20 at 5:07

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