My question is what are the legal protections for downloading a leaked database under the premise of not knowing the database in question is actually a "leaked database" as in you think the database is not really leaked and you download it anyways.

Hypothetically Finding of the database was of the sort that involves the ability to google and finding a link. Amazed at finding the link and doubting it factually a leaked database you then download it and find out it really is a leaked database.

Goal is and was to see what you can find on world wide web AS known as "the internet" and then attempt to report said supposed leaked database to owners of leaked database.

  • It depends. Whose database is it, and why don't they want it to be public? Who leaked it, why, and how? The question is not answerable without these details. For example, if it is a leaked database of poetry published in the 1830s, there may be no consequences whatsoever for downloading it. – phoog Jun 3 at 2:11

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