It seems like Facebook won't delete your messages from the recipient's inbox when you delete your account. People send a lot of personal information in messages including their address, phone number, schools, work, etc.

Is this a violation of the CCPA (obviously if you live in California)? WhatsApp doesn't store messages on the server so obviously they can't delete messages from their server. And Instagram does delete your messages from both sides when you delete your account, which is what makes this choice even more odd, given that the Facebook product is in much hotter water regarding privacy.

I know this has been asked before in relation to GDPR, but I wonder if the same holds for CCPA. Here is the other question: Facebook vs GDPR - Private Messages I sent to others will never be deleted/erased from Facebook servers

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  • I have seen that (and I noted that I have in my question). That question is in relation to GDPR; I'm wondering about CCPA. – ajoshua Jun 8 '20 at 19:36
  • So, why tag this question as being about GDPR? – Nij Jun 8 '20 at 20:22
  • Facebook is required to remove your data. Data in other peoples account is not necessarily your data - so Facebook isnt required to remove it. A message in someone elses inbox or chat history is not your data, its their data - the message in your sent folder or your messanger app chat history is your data. – Moo Jan 10 at 6:29

1798.140 has the definitions of sensitive, PI, and deidentified data.

the messages have to go through a censorship. Obvious sensitive PI should be censored but also information through which someone can be identified. for example, if there is only one person with a certain interest in a certain zipcode, that information can be joined with a database of people with that interest in that zipcode and the person can be identified.

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