Title says it all. Is there any example of someone being found not guilty of killing an on-duty police officer? Obviously this must happen all the time when the facts cannot be proven. I'm wondering about the case where the defense acknowledges that the defendant did indeed commit the act.

I've seen a question or two on here about hypothetical lines of defense in such a situation. But does anyone know of any actual examples?

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    There are a few examples in law.stackexchange.com/questions/16141/…, but they are mainly cases where the defendant did not know that the victims were police. – Nate Eldredge Jun 14 at 0:31
  • The case of breonna taylor is currently raging in the media. It is in the vein of your question. The differences being the charge was attempted murder of a police officer and not murder, and the charges were dropped by the prosecution based on self-defense instead of it being an acquittal at trial. – David Reed Jun 14 at 5:12

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