The US citizen Kamari Kenyada Charlton overstayed his visa while in Singapore. The law is that this shall "be punished with caning with not less than 3 strokes".

However, according to this story, he was jailed 18 months for his telephone scam and seems to not have received any punishment for overstaying. Why?

More background:

The caning punishment is regularly enforced for overstayers from poor Asian countries (and also any who aid such overstayers):

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Plea bargain


Like all common law jurisdictions, Singapore practices plea bargaining. While not formalised as it is in the USA, a prosecutor can agree to drop certain charges and/or not pursue certain sentences in return for a guilty plea to others.

As it says in your link, the defendant “pleaded guilty to five charges last week. 17 other charges, including one for overstaying in Singapore, were taken into consideration.”

So, he was not convicted of overstaying his visa.

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