This is inspired by discussions around the game Prison Architect. A lot of players find themselves frustrated with certain prisoners and wanting to have them transferred to death row.

Has this ever happened in real life - has a prisoner has committed murder while incarcerated and been sentenced to death for it?

Ideally I'm looking for recent (20th/21st century) examples in the US, though will take any example where some attempt at a rule of law was followed. I'm not counting people being imprisoned and suddenly dying, for example.

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According to this list, there are at least nine people on death row in federal prisons for killing a fellow inmate. Since there are many more people in state prisons, I assume there are even more people on death row in state prisons. Unfortunately, the only lists I found that included state prisons were woefully incomplete (ie, the Wikipedia list of people on death row doesn't have the people on this list.)

  • And I would suspect that killing a guard would be even more likely to draw such a sentence (although the offense is likely somewhat less likely to succeed) Jul 19, 2021 at 17:22

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