Under the Canadian Parents and Grandparents sponsorship program, one of the eligibility requirements for the sponsor is that "they must be earning above a certain threshold salary for 3 tax years before applying to sponsor under the program." See this.

I wanted to know whether the prospective sponsor is required to show sufficient earning in Canada necessarily? Would it suffice to show that the sponsor has been earning above the threshold since 1 year in Canada and since the 2 years before that in the US?

My question is, that if I am earning above the threshold in the US for 2 years now (or take 1 year), can I meet the requirement by working and earning above that threshold in Canada for 1 year (or 2 year respectively?)

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The website you link to says (in Footnote 1):

To prove you meet the income requirement, you must provide your Notice of Assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the last 3 taxation years before you apply.

This wording suggests they don't care about where you earned the money, as long as you filed a tax return in Canada for the last three years.

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