Isn't listed anywhere. I am guessing a year.

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What is the statute of limitations on breach of trust in Nevada

Apparently three years, although your question does not provide enough details.

Nevada case law typically cites NRS 11.190 on the issue of statute of limitations. The opinion Hartford Acc and Indem Co. v. Rogers, 613 P.2d 1025, 1026 (1980) makes the remark that NRS 11.290 "applies only to banks and trust companies".

Although Shupe v. Ham, 639 P.2d 540, 542 (1982) makes more references to breach of fiduciary duty, the statement "appellant argues that the statute of limitations does not commence running until appellant learned of any breach of trust by Ham" suggests that the statute of limitations for breach of trust and the one for breach of fiduciary trust are the same.

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