In jurisdictions where surrogacy contracts are regulated and abortion is legal:

  1. Can a surrogate mother (who has signed a contract and is earning money for her service) legally abort the child in her womb as any other mother could? (This would not be a case where pregnancy risks her life, but where she just wants to end her pregnancy.)

  2. What would be the legal consequences of this? Would she have to pay some kind of indemnification to the intended legal parents?

  3. Would there be any difference if the intended legal parents were the genetic parents of the child?

Now, suppose the intended legal parents don't want the child at some point before the pregnancy ends?

  1. What would be the consequences of them breaking the contract?

  2. Could they legally enforce the surrogate to abort?

  3. Again, would there be any difference if they were the genetic parents?

I'm assuming that these varies across jurisdictions, so I'm mainly searching for responses summarising several cases of jurisdictions around the world. However, jurisdiction-specific answers are also welcome.

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