My daughter is starting a podcast. It will have a focused theme, say for example "Artists against Racism." (Note: this is not the topic, just a similar type of example). Now the purpose of the blog will be to interview artists, with a focus on how art can be used to help people join together, etc. When I went to see about trademarking the Podcast title, the application seemed focused on the income the trademark is looking to protect. This...

enter image description here

To me, the purpose of the trademark would be to protect her from investing her time, potentially years of it, and then getting a DCMA or similar notice that someone trademarked the name for a similar, profit driven, business.

The question is - Is a trademark not suitable for this purpose? And, if not, what would one use to protect the entity and her work?

(And, as I write this, and reflect, a fix might very well be that we also buy a nice logo, and just offer to sell some simple items, shirts and coffee mugs (?), and then I proceed to spend some money to show she has income from the podcast. I'm open to this, but it seems disingenuous.)

Please ask questions in comments if I missed any appropriate detail.

  • Will do. I wasn’t thinking of that as it’s not a charity, but that might be a good start. Much thanks. Aug 15 '20 at 17:20
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    You might google "trademark nonprofit". Many many nonprofits have trademarked names - United Way among them - no need to do anything disingenuous. Aug 15 '20 at 20:15
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    You've set me on the right path, thanks, again. Her mission is 'good' but not quite a charity, and not a 'nonprofit', but I can already see the search on this yielding good results. I was stuck in a certain way of thinking, and this helped me get on a better path. Aug 16 '20 at 12:53

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