Are there any countries in EU+EFTA, which allow to hold their driving licence and registering a vehicle without having a fixed address? In many countries the address is shown as a field on the licence and I am trying to determine, if it's possible to obtain it without having to update addresses on move, when there is no fixed abode. The same goes for registration plates.

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The address field on an EU driving licence is optional - not every Member State will implement it. Indeed, it looks like only the UK, Ireland, and Poland currently display Field 8 (Address) on the driving licence photocard.

However, most Member States still require you to submit an address when applying for your driving licence and when registering a vehicle. It appears this is so you can actually receive the driving licence/vehicle registration certificate through the post, and so they can contact you if necessary (e.g. a court summons).

The same licence is issued by Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway as part of EFTA and they don't seem to put the address field on the licence either--although I cannot determine if they require the address when registering the licence/vehicle respectively.

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