Ever since 'Node.JS' became very popular, a lot of software companies have been using the word 'Node' in their trademarks. For example:

  • ControlNode
  • NodeStudio
  • AppNode

Could Node.JS owners potentially sue (and win) a lawsuit against software companies that have the term 'Node' in them?

  • I'd be interested if any of these words are trademarks. IANAL, but my experience of trying to register trademarks indicates that granting authorities are very picky about the words they grant, and Node is one that I think they'd fight back against. Especially given how common the word is in prgramming. (I used to work for a company called Mega with a product called Miracle. They tried to TM both names. No go.) Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 16:52

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Could they sue? Yes. "Node.js" is trademarked.

Would they win? Almost certainly not. "Node.js" is just one of 424 trademarks registered with the USPTO that contains the word "node", and Joyent, Inc. was granted a very narrow set of goods and services that the trademark applies to, namely "downloadable computer software for use in reading and writing computer code".


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