I have purchased a book which contains multiple lists of English vocabulary words.

The book as a whole is copyrighted.

The word lists contains around 1000 words each.I wish to publish a word game(say crossword) ebook based on these vocabulary words.To make a crossword, 15 words will be randomly sampled from a word list.100 cross words will be made covering all words in the list.Crossword ebook will be published with these 100 puzzles.


  1. Is it legal to use words from the purchased book to publish a derived work (crosswords here).The word list in the original book will not be listed out as a whole list in my ebook.

  2. Should I give attribution to the purchased book in my ebook?

  3. Can I use 80% of words (not all) in the purchased book without giving attribution?Is it legal.


Case 1: India (say through Online selling platforms like instamojo)

Case 2: global audience (say through gumroad,leanpub etc)

I have seen these posts:

Are Word-Frequency lists copyrightable?

copyright, fair use and online dictionaries/translations/word list

Is a list of the most common English words copyrightable under US law?

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