Can a master tenant in Oakland, CA charge a subtenant in a room a higher price than the value of the room based the proportion of the room size to the whole house?

I.e., if master tenant has been there many years at a now-lower-than-market rate, can the master tenant charge a current rate for a room and profit from it in Oakland, CA?

In this scenario, the room in question that would be rented out to a subtenant is not the room in which the master tenant lives (not subletting).

Example with numbers: is it ok in Oakland, CA for a master tenant to pay $2000 per month for a home with 4 bed rooms, and charge three subtenants $1000 for a room (one subtenant per room), where the master tenant would make $3000 in "revenue" from all three subtenants?

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Here is a document from the city, which says p. 16 that

Oakland does not have an Ordinance or Regulation restricting the amount of rent a master tenant charges a subtenant.

This assumes that subletting is not prohibited by the lease.


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