As an energetic new member of my towns democratic party forum I was enthusiastic to join tonight's council meeting. I was fussing with zoom virtual backgrounds during the meeting and a political sign of the party I support quickly flashed up. I was met with some quick condescending remarks and that I should be banned from the meeting and removed from joining future meetings.

Question. Is this alright and the appropriate action for the council to take? If I wore a political shirt to an in person meeting would I be removed? Perhaps a hat or a pin? Mind you, I closed the meeting immediately before I was removed by the admin, but looking back on it, I can't tell if what I did was wrong.

Was what I did against law. Or is this protected by my first amendment rights? I cannot find a solid answer in my research. Most answers are around election day laws and campaigning at the polls or driving people to polls.

Thank you! I love discovering different stack exchanges. This one is great!

Cheers, An energized and curious NJ voter

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